Giraffe Nuts Infused Caramels | Creamy Vanilla | 15mg Hemp CBD per piece - 10 Pieces Per package


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Giraffe Nuts Infused Caramels - Creamy Vanilla

Creamy Vanilla Giraffe Nuts caramels are smooth and blissful. They are a sensation and a definite favorite! Each caramel is carefully made, ensuring great quality and a decadent taste. These old fashioned treats include 15mg of CBD per caramel, providing a vast number of health benefits with each bite. CBD is one of many compounds deriving from the cannabis plant, that helps reduce anxiety, acts as an anti-depressant, relieves nausea, relieves pain and inflammation, relieves muscle spasms, may reduce seizures, acts as an antioxidant, and promotes good neuro, immune and cardiovascular health.

- 15mg Hemp Extract per Caramel
- 10 Caramels Per package

This product has been lab tested and is 100% THC Free.

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5 Stars
Giraffee Nuts

We have a wellness center and this is my #4 selling product Amazing and we love these things they fly off shelves a must get!!!

5 Stars
Taste delicious!

Wow! These were so hard not to eat in one sitting. The two free chocolate ones were just as good as the vanilla. I would eat these after taking some additional CBD and I felt great. Definitely helps aid in my knee pain. Will be buying again soon.